GS10738-01952; Nabwire Margaret of Namuwongo village, Buhemba Sub-County in Namayingo District , Eastern Uganda. Margaret


Nabwire Margaret

My family could drink untreated water collected from the shores of Lake Victoria and as a result, my children could suffer from typoid, diarrheao and stomach ache. I could spend a lot of money on endless medical bills every month. Boiling drinking water was the only method I knew but it was hard for me since it requires a lot of firewood. I opted to try SODIS with WADI after attending a WASH training organised by Get Water Uganda in April 2020. since then, I have not had any of my family members complain of typhoid, diarrheao or stomach pains as it used to be. I can now spend the money previously on medical bills on thier school fees and financing other activities around my home”. Narrates, Nabwire Margaret.

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