Thematic Area 2

Combat climate change and its impact

In this Core Program, GWU focuses on Environmental protection, afforestation, waste management and Education.

Climate change is a key challenge with regard to sustainable development and a global concern (SDG 13: Climate Action). The warming of the earth’s atmosphere is triggering changes in the global climate system that threaten the livelihoods of large sections of the population in less developed countries, while infrastructure and certain economic sectors in particular are vulnerable to the risks of climate change in developed regions. Every day, three billion people in the world cook their food on open fires or traditional cook stoves . They burn solid fuels such as wood, crop residues, dung, coal, and charcoal, producing smoke. Exposure to this smoke from polluting, open fires or inefficient fuels causes nearly 4 million premature deaths, including more than 20,000 deaths in Uganda, every year and the supply of plastics in the environment still alarming. The status of environment in Uganda is highly compromised and continues to succumb to the mounting pressure from the different factors leading to increasing environmental degradation. The prior scenario has been as a result of the interplay of socio-economic, institutional and technological activities. The biggest contribution has been made by economic growth, urbanization, agricultural intensification, population growth as well as rising energy . At the root of all these environmental problems, poverty continues to play a significant role. Through the planned collection of PET bottles from the environment, promotion of the clean energy cooking stoves, tree planting and offering training on proper waste management Get Water Uganda will contribute to addressing environmental protection and combating climate change effects in Uganda.

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" Safe Water - Sanitation - Climate Change Action "

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