"Am not only empowered to drink safe water, I also mind about the environment'';  GS10738-01952 - Ajiambo Lilian of Muhuwa village, Buhemba Sub-County Namayingo District, Eastern Uganda tale of her growing love with fruit tree planting which was triggered by Get Water Uganda training in May 2020.

Ajiambo Lilian

In May 2020, the Get Water Uganda Field Officers together with the Village chairperson and Village Health team members mobilised and trained households in Muhuwa Village on how to access safe drinking water using SODIS and WADI device, sanitation and hygiene and also on how to conserve the environment. “I and my husband both attended the training which was organised in a smaller group at one of our neighbor’s home. Before the training, no one in my household was concerned about environmental conservation. We could cut trees to boil water for drinking, openly dump plastic wastes every where in the back yard, garden and didn't mind about planting of trees. During the training I was triggered on the usefulness of the things I previously didn’t consider important.

I now attach a lot of value in safe guarding the environment besides drinking treated water with SODIS and WADI. I stopped cutting down trees to make firewood to boil drinking water and adopted SODIS with WADI for water treatment. I also started planting trees especially the orange fruit trees and am grateful that Get Water Uganda also boosted my tree effort with supply of more fruit trees seedlings that I added in my garden. I hope that in the nearby future, the fruit trees will not only help to protect the environment but will also be a source of income as well improve on my family diet. Narrates Lillian.


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