Improving from a home with poor Sanitation and Hygiene infrastructure to a role model in Luwerere A Village, Namayingo District, Eastern Uganda. GS10738-00503; Ajambo Mary tales her journey of transformation.

Ajambo Mary

Ajiambo Mary is a resident of Luwerere A village, Buhemba Sub-County in Namayingo District, Eastern Uganda. She narrates her journey of becoming a role model that started in April 2020 when her Village Health Team – member (VHT) and Village chairperson mobilized them to attend a Water and Santation training organised by Get Water Uganda at her village meeting point. “During the training, the Get Water Uganda Field Officers trained us about preparing safe water through the use of SODIS with WADI device and improving the Sanitation and Hygiene infrastructure like latrines, washing hands with soap and keeping the general cleanliness in our homes.

Ways to protect the envoronment including tree planting and collecting the plastics was also discussed. Before the training, I did not have Sanitation components like rubbish pit, dish rack, the latrine had no roof, door and squat-hole cover, flies could easily move from the latrine to food and we could drink un-safe water which costed my households to treat constant diseases like typhoid and diarrhea, in every two months, we could not miss going to hospital once and even sometimes twice and all this costed money! The training triggered me to improve on my sanitation facilities and started drinking treated water. Now, my home is a role model in Luwerere A village and am proud to support my fellow women to follow my example.

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